Training Workshop: Delta Planning and Management

East Asia and Pacific
MMU, Thanlyin, Myanmar

The training workshop on Delta Planning and Management in Myanmar covers five days, from 21 to 25 October (2013). The aim of the training workshop is to bring together professionals from river deltas whom play or will play key roles in delta planning and make them aware of different types of planning approaches, identify feasible approaches and methods given the local contexts and share experiences including those from the Netherlands.


River deltas are developing rapidly and are characterized by large-scale urbanization and industrialization processes. They are facing serious planning challenges related to issues like economic development, population growth, vulnerability to flooding, and food security. These challenges occur in a context of regional and global changes including upstream developments and climate change.

Addressing and resolving these complex planning issues require planning approaches and methods which are process oriented, oversee the problems, create solutions from an integral perspective, and involve stakeholders to make use of current practices and experiences.

There is an emerging need to exchange experiences between professionals involved in various aspects of delta planning and discuss different planning approaches and methods and their feasibility in specific local contexts.

Training Workshop

During the workshop brainstorm sessions, group discussions and vision development will be used to encourage interaction and creativity. Besides, a fieldtrip will be an integral part of the training workshop.

The training workshop in Myanmar is divided into four inter-related parts:

  1. Delta challenges and approaches,
  2. Delta themes (in two parallel groups focusing on rural/coastal and urban issues and solutions),
  3. Delta integration (with input of the first two themes) and
  4. Closure including discussion on way forward.


Please find the application form for the training workshop here. Deadline for submission of the application form is August 31th, 2013.

The selection process will be based on an evaluation of the application forms. Participants who can demonstrate a strong interest in, and need for, delta planning in their region will be selected. Female participants are strongly encouraged to apply.

More Information

For more information on the workshop, please click here to visit the ' Training Workshop: Delta Planning and Management' webpage.


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