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Please note that one of the requirements before you can apply as a PhD candidate is that you have guaranteed financial assistance. IHE Delft does not have fellowships available Below you find some information on possible funds you could be eligible for. Once you have obtained financial assistance we will also ask you to send us an original certified copy of your MSC degree and transcript. 


The Tuition fees for the 4 year PhD programme are € 61,616. These fees are the same for all fellows regardless whether the part of the research is done in one’s home country instead of at IHE Delft. The tuition fee includes compulsory Sense courses, printing of the Thesis and the Defence. It also includes the use of a laptop for every PhD student with 24-hour internet access in all rooms in the IHE Delft accommodation in Delft. For more detailed information about costs and (if applicable) VAT, please click here


Possibilities for a PhD Scholarship

Orange Knowledge Programme
Nuffic has a new fellowship programme called OKP (Orange Knowledge Programme) that replaces NFP. However, for PhD it is no longer possible to apply for a stand-alone fellowship. We advise you to have a look at for information on fellowships handled by Nuffic and other possible sponsors. 

Schlumberger Foundation/Faculty for the Future
The Schlumberger Foundation Faculty for the Future program is awarding fellowships and supporting women academics in science and engineering from developing and emerging countries for their advanced graduate study at top universities abroad.
LPDP (Indonesia Endowment Fund for Education)
For students with Indonesian nationality, graduated from an accredited Indonesian university or an overseas university acknowledged by the Indonesian Higher Education Directorate (DIKTI), maximum age 35 (for Master’s programme) or 40 (for PhD programme). 
More info will follow soon
VIED (Vietnam International Education Development)
Vietnamese students can apply for fellowships provided by the Vietnamese Ministry of Education and Training.
More info:
National Fellowships in Latin America
These fellowships are for nationals from the mentioned Latin American country.
Your country might also offer individual fellowships for studies abroad, contact your national Ministry of Education or a similar organization/agency for more information.


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