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The IHE Delft lecturers are very friendly and open to students. Studying in a multicultural environment is new to me, but I really enjoy it.''

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Uma Sigdel comes from Nepal and is currently studying Environmental Science, Environmental Planning and Management at IHE Delft. Uma has been working at an NGO since 2010, there she deals with climate change, adaptation planning, water resources and food security. 

How Uma heard about IHE Delft: Uma went to the Consulate of The Netherlands in Nepal, the Fellowship Officer of the Consulate suggested that she should apply for a Master in the Netherlands and a scholarship with NFP. She applied to three universities and was selected by all three, however Uma decided to study at IHE Delft because the course fitted well with her previous work experience and the field in which she wants to continue working in the future. 

After Uma left high school, she did voluntary work for a while. Some friends and her brothers who were working at an NGO took her for excursions in the field, which Uma found very interesting. “You are able to work with different people and on various projects. It enables you to work on projects with visible benefits to your community.” Uma’s brother suggested that she study environmental science, because she wanted to work in this field. “In Nepal, we have numerous environmental challenges and there are times that we should be handling these challenges better. In the planning and management sector, we have a lot of room for improvements. I work with locals, the government, NGOs, partners and donor organizations. More than 60% of my work is fieldwork and I like that. After my studies I would like to go back to work in Nepal to contribute to society using the skills I have gained at IHE Delft. When I finish my study I definitely would like to take on more projects.”

"IHE Delft has a totally different methodology of teaching and learning than Nepal. The lecturers are very friendly and open to students. I am experiencing a whole new life in The Netherlands, studying in a multicultural environment is different and in my opinion much better in every extent. When I arrived in The Netherlands it was very cold and the weather was making me slightly homesick. I use my bicycle to get everywhere in Delft and I like the fact that there are separate cycle lanes. The environment at IHE Delft and the students that I have met immediately made me feel comfortable, the last few months have been an amazing experience and I love it."


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