UNESCO-IHE Participated in Conference on Water in the Urban Environment

From 16 to 18 April, UNESCO-IHE participated in the strategic conference on ‘Water in the Urban Environment: Bringing research to the market’ in Brussels. The focus was on building bridges between research and water related societal challenges.

Participants of the conference stressed that the main issue is not 'research to market' but 'research to implementation'. Economic benefits of research must be clearly presented to policy makers and politicians.

A session on urban floods and disaster risk reduction brought together a number of experts, including Giuliano Di Baldassarre from UNESCO-IHE. Within this session the current issues and future directions in the field of urban flood risk prevention were discussed with a focus on the link between science, policy, and industry.

The UNESCO-IHE-led project KULTURisk, which aims to develop a culture of risk prevention, was successfully received by the audience and gained wide interest.

During an 'Innovation fair' UNESCO-IHE stressed the global aspects of water-related needs and the importance and possibilities of applying innovative solutions worldwide.

The conference on Water in the Urban Environment was organized by WssTP/the European Water Platform and COST, the European Cooperation in Science and Technology.

More information can be found on the conference website.


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