Uta Wehn

Associate Professor of Water Innovation Studies


Dr. Uta Wehn is Associate Professor of Water Innovation Studies and head of the Knowledge & Innovation Studies Development group at IHE Delft and the Adlerbert Visiting Professor of Marine Citizen Science for Sustainable Development at the University of Gothenburg. She is a social scientist from the field of science, technology & innovation studies, with a background in ICTs, drawing on more than 20 years of combined industrial, research and international development experience. Her work at the intersection of data and knowledge co-creation, digital innovations and water and environment focuses on the social dynamics of innovation and how to harness digital transformations for participatory environmental governance and sustainable development.

She leads the acquisition and implementation of large interdisciplinary research and capacity development projects. Her current Citizen Science projects include case studies in Europe, the Middle East and Africa, using LivingLabs principles and tailoring user-centred and multi-stakeholder co-design methods to Citizen Science. She has extensive experience with teaching, MSc and PhD supervision and the facilitation of multi-stakeholder interactions in a range of thematic settings and cultural contexts.

She has over 100 publications in peer-reviewed journals, international conference proceedings/reports and book chapters in the areas of citizen science, citizen observatories and community-based environmental monitoring; participatory environmental governance; stakeholder engagement; co-design methods; business modelling; capacity development and knowledge management; data and knowledge sharing; social innovation and water innovation dynamics. She is a member of several high level international initiatives and she co-chairs the CSGP Community of Practice on Citizen Science & Open Science.


Selected publications

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  • CSEOL - Citizen Science Earth Observation Lab (2019-2022) Funder: ESA. Project Coordinator
  • MICS - Measuring the Impact of Citizen Science (2019-2022) Funder: EU H2020. WP lead - Methods for measuring citizen science impacts
  • Ground Truth 2.0 – Environmental knowledge discovery of human sensed data (2016-2019) Funder: EU H2020. Project Director & WP lead Social dimensions of citizen observatories
  • WeObserve - An ecosystem of citizen observatories for environmental monitoring (2017-2021) Funder: EU H2020. WP lead - Communities of Practice
  • AfriAlliance - Africa-EU Innovation Alliance for Water and Climate (2016-2021) Funder: EU H2020. Project Director & WP co-lead Matching water innovation needs and solutions
  • Women and Water for Change in Communities 2017-2021) Funder: The Coca Cola Foundation. WP lead
  • National Strategies for Water Sector Capacity Development (2014-2015) Funder: DGIS. Project Coordinator
  • WeSenseIt Citizen Observatories of Water (2012-2016) Funder: EU FP7. WP Lead - Governance


  • CAPP – Community Agency for Pro-Poor Biodiversity Conservation in Zambia (2021-2023) Funder: DGIS. Project Coordinator.
  • WATRA – Strengthening skills development for WAstewater Treatment and Reuse in Agriculture in a recently established higher TVET programme in Jordan (2021-2022) Funder: Nuffic – Orange Knowledge Programme. WP Lead – Business plan
  • ProCAD Colombia – Projects and capacities for adaptation of coastal deltas in Colombia, 2021, Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO), Task lead – Knowledge and capacity development needs
  • Chittagong - Chittagong Water Supply & Sewerage Authority - Utility Modernization Umbrella Consultancy (2015-2017) Funder: International Development Association (IDA) and Republic of Bangladesh. Lead for IHE contribution.
  • SUSWAS - Public Private Partnership for increased Access to Sustainable Water services in Rwanda) (2013-2017) Funder: Sustainable Water Fund. Lead for IHE contribution
  • CAPIWUA - Capacity Development for Performance Improvement of water utilities in secondary urban centers in East Africa (2011-2015) Funder: ACP-EU Water Facility Programme.
  • MRC module-based competency framework for IWRM (2012) Funding: Mekong River Commission, 2012.



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