Water and Peace Seminar: Water cooperation, data and policy making

  • 14 Apr 2021
  • 15:00 - 17:30

The Water Diplomacy Team at IHE Delft is pleased to announce that it will organize the 3rd Water and Peace Seminar, taking place on 8,12, and 14 April 2021.

About the Seminar

The 3rd Water & Peace Seminar aims to better understand the role of data in science-policy interactions over transboundary water, based on different case studies from around the world. It focuses on how policy-processes influence data collection and information development, and in turn how this influences policy-making over shared waters.

In 2021, the Water and Peace Seminar has gone online. In three sessions, practitioners, scientists and policy makers reflect on science and technology processes in the context of water cooperation and conflict, while investing in the strong international and interdisciplinary networks that have been built on water cooperation over the years.

The starting point of the seminar is that decisions about how to share water across borders -in terms of quantity, timing, and quality- are intrinsically political in nature. Moreover, data and models are not neutral, but embody values, ethics, norms, and ideas on how something should function and for whom. This brings up questions of what this means for how we practice, fund, and research data creation, data sharing, and modelling in the context of transboundary water conflict and cooperation.


In three sessions, we will explore these questions through presentations, panel- and group discussions.

Session 1: The data made me do it? Data and its promise to promote cooperation on 8 April

Session 2: Infrastructure, information & interaction on 12 April

Session 2a: Dams, data & Diplomacy

Session 2b: The promise of remote sensing

Session 3: Knowledge, power, tools & trust on14 April

More information on the seminar can be found in the programme.

A summary of all sessions will be shared after the 14th of April, on this same page.

Please note this event is for invited guest only


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