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Water Integrity Forum

Western Europe
The Netherlands

Good water governance is crucial for equitable use and distribution of water supply and sanitation services, and for a well-managed water sector. But it is often hindered by corruption which affects all aspects of the water sector and puts lives and livelihoods at risk.

Water governance

Transparency, accountability and participation are key to increase integrity, without which corruption cannot be successfully addressed. It is therefore urgent to extend the base for and increase the pace of joint water integrity action. This is why the Water Integrity Network (WIN), UNESCO-IHE and the Water Governance Centre (WGC) are organising the first Water Integrity Forum on 5–7 June 2013.

The Forum will bring together a wide range of stakeholders including representatives from governments, financial institutions, companies, knowledge institutes, NGOs and water professionals from various continents, in order to:

  • Take stock of progress in addressing corruption issues in the water sector;
  • Share knowledge, approaches and experiences;
  • Build alliances to address the integrity challenges in the water sector.

The outcomes of the Forum will form the basis of a key publication on water integrity and will feed into other processes and events, such as the post-2015 Sustainable Development Goals, the Budapest Water Summit, World Water Week 2013 and the 7th World Water Forum.


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