Watershed and River Basin Management

This course takes an integrated approach to watershed management, and will address issues regarding catchment conservation, water for domestic purposes and water management for ecosystem services and functions. 

For whom?

The course is most suited to top and mid-level decision-makers, technical experts and professional trainers and researchers with a background in water management, environmental management or watershed management. 

Course content

The module will be based primarily on lectures, group discussion and a role play. The lectures serve to attain the learning objectives as stated above. The role play (ShaRiva) serves to practice the material taught. Students will work on individual assignments on different topics. Separate sessions for the short course participants will be organized, which will provide them an opportunity to discuss their work related problems with experts in IHE Delft, A 1-day fieldtrip will be organised to a relevant institution in the field of river basin management. It serves to illustrate a Dutch example of integrated water watershed at hydrological boundaries.


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