Webinar 3: Extending MOTA

  • 16 Dec 2020
  • 09:00 - 11:00
Western Europe
Delft, The Netherlands (CET time zone)

This webinar is part of the Motivation and Ability (MOTA) Framework: Decision Support for Strategic Planning and Implementation. The webinars will discuss its applications and similar methods; and propose an agenda for further work. Water management professionals, policy analysts, planners and researchers are invited to participate, learn more about the MOTA framework and help shape future avenues for application, research and development.

This is the third webinar in a series of three. More info on the full webinar series can be found here.

Detailed contents

Talk 1. Extending MOTA: “Real” impacts and business community (Ho Long Phi and Nguyen Hong Quan, VNU-WACC)

A planning solution or policy that was well tested at small scale or in other countries may never survive in the real context of a specific application. The explanations may be very different from one context to another. However we assume that the important role of business as a catalytic agent in popularizing the solution. Some case studies will be given for discussion.


Talk 2. Extending MOTA: Monitoring and evaluation (Jaap Evers, IHE Delft)


Policy monitoring and evaluation (M&E) is more than assessing policy success or failure. The aim of policy monitoring and evaluation is for policy communities to learn in order to improve the development, implementation, and effects of (future) policies. In order to be able to learn and to evaluate and monitor effectively, there is a need to integrate criteria of monitoring and evaluation of policies and plans into planning and implementation. When we apply MOTA as a planning tool, what implications does it have for monitoring and evaluation, can MOTA indicators be integrated into M&E methods, and how do M&E methods and goals impact using MOTA as a framework for making plans? Questions that arise are: Who is evaluating? For what purpose? What evaluation methods are relevant? What are relevant MOTA and M&E criteria and indicators? And when to evaluate? How do evaluations communicate back to policy developers, implementers, and target groups in order to learn? During this talk we will explore these questions further.

Speaker: Jaap Evers works at IHE Delft. His research and teaching focuses on water and environmental policy development and implementation, and policy transfers.  https://www.un-ihe.org/jaap-evers


Talk 3. MOTA for user needs assessment for a delta planning meta-model: The Deltares Bangladesh Experience (Nishchal Sardjoe, Deltares)

In Bangladesh, the MOTA framework, be it in an altered way, is being used to map the motivations, abilities and capacities of the actors involved in the use of the Bangladesh Metamodel. This integrated model, which brings together a number of modules, focusing e.g. on the water balance, agricultural crops and fisheries, will be used to evaluate the various project plans on a specific set of indicators as part of the BDP2100, the general framework in which Bangladesh is structuring its water management resources projects. The model, building on many technical complexities, is thus a tool for policy makers and will, if used, be a significant addition to enhance decision making. However, what will actually motivate the actors to go and use the model, which abilities and capacities do they have to e.g. deal with the complexity of the model? MOTA was seen as an analytical and simple method to structure a specific set of questions for interviews with actors involved. 

Discussion. Future of Collaboration and needs of audience

 Discuss future needs – trainings, follow up, publishing (Moderator)


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The webinars are financially supported by the Urbanizing Deltas of the World – Connecting World of Knowledge programme of the Dutch Research Council (NWO grant no. W 07.6919.302), the Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research Fisheries Program and the FIS/2018/153 project.


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