Webinar: distance teaching

  • 26 Mar 2020
  • 14:00 - 15:00

The recent developments related to the current coronavirus have a large impact on our work as educational institutes. Many institutes in the Netherlands have shifted their educational activities online. IHE Delft partnership programme, funded by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands, is supporting several activities related to online education development and this is the moment to actively share experiences gained with online education. To kick of this initiative dr. Hans van der Kwast will do a webinar on ‘distance teaching’.


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Wim Douven, coordinator of IHE Delft partnership programme (DUPC), will give a short introduction of DUPC2 and support of elearning and what the programme offers for partners. Hans van der Kwast will then show examples and share experiences of distance teaching at IHE Delft, using Moodle. The last 30 minutes of the webinar will be open for questions and answers and to share your experiences regarding distance teaching. Colleagues from the IHE Delft Education Bureau and Information Communication Technologies department, experienced with distance teaching and communication, will also be present to answers questions.

Hans van der Kwast will also introduce the ‘Online course for online course development’ which was run last year with 12 interested IHE Delft partners. After the webinar we will run this course once more for partners of IHE Delft. If you are interested to participate, please find more information here.

About the speaker

Dr. Hans van der Kwast is Senior Lecturer in Ecohydrological Modelling at the Water Resources and Ecosystems Department at IHE Delft Institute for Water Education. He finished a Master in Physical Geography at Utrecht University in the Netherlands in 2002 with a specialization in GIS and Remote Sensing.

In 2002 he was appointed at the Faculty of Geosciences of Utrecht University as an junior lecturer in GIS, lecturing theory and concepts of GIS and Remote Sensing to MSc students. In 2009 he finished his PhD at Utrecht University on the integration of remote sensing in spatial dynamic modelling of soil moisture using open source software and open data. During his previous work at the Flemish Institute for Technological Research (VITO) in Belgium he participated in projects related to water quality, land-use change modelling and the use of remote sensing for urban applications.

Since April 2012 he is appointed as a lecturer at IHE Delft. In his teaching and capacity-development projects he actively promotes the use of open source tools and open data by young professionals from the water sector in the Global South. For this purpose he has developed free and commercial educational products and is coordinating eLearning with partners of IHE Delft. He is a QGIS certified lecturer and co-authored the book QGIS for Hydrological Applications. Furthermore he is a board member of the Dutch QGIS User Group.

Hans van der Kwast is coordinating elearning projects with IHE Delft partners.


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