Weekend van de Wetenschap 2022

  • 01 Oct 2022
  • 10:00 - 15:00
  • IHE Delft, Westvest 7, 2611 AX Delft
Western Europe

IHE Delft will participate in the Weekend van de Wetenschap (Weekend of Science), a national event in which the science sector shows the public what they do.

IHE Delft will open its doors to the public on the first day, 1 October, starting at 10.00 CEST, and hopes to inspire everyone curious about science and water. Activities are especially targetted towards children to attempt to spark the interest of young budding scientists, but people interested in water-related research and those who share an interest in water and the environment are encouraged to come. IHE Delft's international students and PhD candidates are ready to lead various activities. 

Join our science activities

Bring your own monster 
Bring an object (for example, an insect or part of a plant) of a maximum of 1 ½ cm to look at under a microscope. Did you bring a monster or a beauty?

Water through the microscope
During this activity, you can compare water from different sources by looking at it through the microscope. There’s more to different kinds of water than meets the (naked) eye.

The river catchment game
Using a wooden river catchment and marbles, learn about what consequences upstream actions have on downstream water availability. Everyone needs to work together to keep water available for everyone else.

Colouring the hydrological cycle
Rain, rivers, evaporation. Find out more about the hydrological cycle as you colour it. Doable for very young budding scientists.

Green Garden
With this experiment, children can experience what they can do to make their garden greener. By placing different modules in the garden, they can test the water absorption capacity. The following will be tested:

Poor water retention in concrete and stone structures.
Drought due to too little 'green'.
Different items to make a garden greener: trees, plants, planters, water tank, hedge, rain barrel, grass, gravel and much more.
Foliage growing on houses.
The children will be able to select modules for their garden in a dashboard, where they will receive a score indicating how green their garden is and how much water it can absorb.

This activity will be guided by Wavemakers International, IHE Delft's partner in the UN2023 Gamechanger Challenge.

Environmental art display

Science can inspire art. During Weekend van de Wetenschap, Delft-based environmental artist Lilian Cooper will display a selection of works made from rubbish she has collected from the canals of Delft. She cleans, washes and primes the material before painting it the same colour as the canal at a particular time and date.

By creating jewel-like objects, she aims to give value to refuse and to encourage behavioural change. She strives to create recognition for the extraordinary process that is involved in delivering clean water.

Information about the national event

For further information about the nationwide event, please visit the Weekend van de Wetenschap website.


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