Wim Glas MSc

Application Manager


Multimedia and Learning Technologist


Together with his colleagues in the IT Department, Wim Glas provides advice, support and services to academic and support staff on multimedia and learning technology matters. He has a combined background in Information Technology as well as in Distance Learning Technology and pedagogy/didactics.

He brings in 32 years of experience in the field of Information Technology, Learning Technology and Distance Learning. He is IHE’s leading specialist in the use and application of Learning Technology for Distance Learning.

He joined IHE Delft as System Manager in 1988. Before that he worked at NOVIB as IT specialist. While combining work (3 days) and parenting, Wim studied -Online- for an MSc in IT at the University of Liverpool for which he graduated in 2003. Being an E-learning expert by experience, he started a 2nd job (2 days) as advisor E-didactics in 2004. In 2012, both jobs were combined in the Multimedia and Learning Technologist function.



Glas, Wim. (2002). Evaluation of distributed group support systems (GSS) in virtual boardroom meetings. https://www.researchgate.net/publication/267936856_EVALUATION_OF_DISTRIBUTED_GROUP_SUPPORT_SYSTEMS_GSS_IN_VIRTUAL_BOARDROOM_MEETINGS

von Munch, E., Glas, W. (2007). Capacity building at lower cost - Conducting an online course on ecological sanitation. UNESCO-IHE Institute for Water Education https://www.susana.org/en/knowledge-hub/resources-and-publications/library/details/198

Koster, J.H. , Brdjanovic, D. , Glas, W. Introduction of problem-driven innovative learning in the field of urban water management : Experiences of UNESCO-IHE Institute for Water Education  https://source.un-ihe.org/publish/pages/4512/021a_st_maarten_groupwork_-_brdjanovic.pdf



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