Yared Abebe

PhD fellow


Yared Abayneh Abebe has received his Bachelor of Science degree in Agriculture (Soil and Water Engineering and Management) from Haramaya University, Ethiopia on July 2006 and Master of Science degree in Water Science and Engineering, specialization Hydroinformatics from IHE Delft Institute for Water Education, Delft, The Netherlands on April 2011. His graduate research work focused on "Comparison of numerical schemes for modelling supercritical and transcritical flows along urban floodplains". The graduate study was funded by the NUFFIC-NFP Fellowship programme. For more than two and half years after graduation, Yared worked as researcher assistant at IHE Delft in a Flood Risk Assessment project in the Caribbean island of Sint Maarten. The project work includes bathymetry creation (using satellite data and sonar data), coastal and pluvial urban flood estimation, and flood hazard, vulnerability and risk assessments. Currently, Yared is a PhD research fellow of Urban Water Systems in the Environmental Engineering and Water Technology Department at IHE Delft starting from November 2013. His PhD research work includes holistic risk assessment, agent-based modelling, complex adaptive systems and urban flooding in coastal cities. The PhD research is carried out as part of the PEARL - Preparing for Extreme And Rare events in coastaL regions - project which is funded by the EU-FP7.


Agent-based modelling of socio-technical systems for urban flood risk assessment


Journal Publications

  • Vojinovic, Z., Seyoum, S., Salum, M.H., Price, R.K., Fikri, A.F. and Abebe, Y. (2013). Modelling floods in urban areas and representation of buildings with a method based on adjusted conveyance and storage characteristics, Journal of Hydroinformatics, 15(4) : 1150 - 1168.
  • Vojinovic, Z., Abebe, Y.A., Ranasinghe, R., Vacher, A., Martens, P., Mandl, D.J., Frye, S.W., van Ettinger, E. and de Zeeuw, R. (2013). A machine learning approach for estimation of shallow water depths from optical satellite images and sonar measurements, Journal of Hydroinformatics, 15(4) : 1408 - 1424.

Conference Proceedings

  • Abebe, Y.A., Vojinovic, Z., Seyoum, S.D. and Price, R.K. (2013). Comparison of numerical schemes for modelling supercritical flows along urban floodplains, International Conference on Flood Resilience: Experiences in Asia and Europe, 5-7 September, Exeter, UK.


Supervisors: Dr Zoran Vojinovic (IHE Delft) and Dr Igor Nikolic (TU Delft)

Funding source: EU FP7 Programme "PEARL Project"



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