Yared Bayissa

PhD fellow


Drought assessment and forecasting for the Upper Blue Nile Basin by assimilating remotely sensed data into a hydrological model

Research Summary

Yared Ashenafi is a PhD candidate in the department of Hydroinformatics and Knowledge management at IHE Delft Institute of Water Education, Delft, The Netherlands. His research focuses on developing a drought assessment and forecasting models for the Upper Blue Nile of Ethiopia by introducing the data assimilation technique to produce better spatial and temporal representation of remote sensing estimations of evapotranspiration (ET) and soil moisture with the SWAT model.

His area of research interest includes:

  • Remote sensing estimation of ET and soil moisture.
  • Hydrological model estimate of ET and soil moisture.
  • Developing drought assessment and forecasting tools /frameworks


Extern supervisor: Dr. Semu Ayalew Moges (AAIT, Ethiopia)

Funding Source: The Netherlands Fellowship Program (NFP)


  • Bitew, Menberu M., Mekonnen Gebremichael, Lula T. Ghebremichael, Yared A. Bayissa, 2012: Evaluation of High-Resolution Satellite Rainfall Products through Streamflow Simulation in a Hydrological Modeling of a Small Mountainous Watershed in Ethiopia. J. Hydrometeor, 13, 338–350.
  • Yared, A., Nigussie, T., 2010: Effects of Land use/ Land cover on Koga reservoir sedimentation, published on NBCBN.
  • YARED A. BAYISSA, SEMU A. MOGES, YUNQING XUAN, SCHALK J. VAN ANDEL, SHREEDHAR MASKEY, DIMITRI P. SOLOMATINE, ANN V. GRIENSVEN, 2012: Spatio-temporal assessment of drought under the influence of varying record length: the case of Upper Blue Nile Basin, Ethiopia, under review.
  • Yared A. Bayissa et.al, 2012: Remote sensing based spatial and temporal drought assessment for Upper Blue Nile Basin, Ethiopia, under review.

Other information

Mr. Yared Bayissa graduated on 11 September 2018.


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