Birzeit University (BZU)

Birzeit University is a Palestinian Arab institution supervised and guided by an autonomous Board of Trustees. The university endeavours to excel in higher education, scientific research, and service to the community. Since its establishment, the university has remained committed to providing equal learning opportunities to qualified individuals and to prepare students to become good citizens active in their society and committed to its advancement and well-being.

IHE Delft and BZU have been cooperating for over 20 years to advance scientific and human resource development, by direct co-operation in the technical and scientific fields related to water and environment. Together we develop and disseminate new knowledge and skills, share experiences and work on projects for the benefit of both institutions and the Palestinian regional communities. Some of the projects include WE-Birzeit, a DUPC project on curriculum development and PADUCO, a programme to contribute to resolving challenges phased by the water sector by looking at policies and practices. The latter supported by the following principles: applied and relevant research and education; national cooperation with the water sector in a broad sense and national and international academic cooperation with Palestinian and Dutch universities.

Contact person for this partnership:

Peter van der Steen, Associate Professor of Environmental Technology at IHE Delft

Middle East and North Africa


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