Susanne Schmeier

Associate Professor in Water Law and Diplomacy


Susanne Schmeier is an Associate Professor of Water Law and Diplomacy at IHE Delft, which she joined in 2018. Her research, teaching and advisory activities focus on the legal and institutional dimensions of water resources management at both the (sub-)national and the transboundary levels, the role of agreements and river basin organizations in promoting and maintaining sustainable water resources management, the linkages between water insecurity and conflict and related entry points for water-based cooperation and negotiation processes, as well as the sustainable management of ecosystems linked to water resources (including the management of mountain eco-regions and source-to-sea approaches as well as biodiversity). Susanne Schmeier also leads the Water, Peace and Security (WPS) partnership.

Susanne Schmeier is affiliated with the Utrecht Center for Water, Ocean and Sea Law and the International Water Law Academy of the University of Wuhan, China, and a courtesy faculty member of the Water Resources Policy and Management (WRPM) degree program at Oregon State University. She is also a member of various international and national expert groups on topics relating to water, climate, security and cooperation and advises international organizations and river basin organizations, focusing on legal and institutional matters and negotiation support.

Prior to joining IHE Delft, Susanne Schmeier worked for 7 years for the Gesellschaft fur internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ), among other functions managing GIZ’s water, energy and food security nexus project and coordinating GIZ’s transboundary water management portfolio worldwide. Previously, she also worked for a number of international and regional organizations, including the Mekong River Commission (MRC) and the World Bank as well as a number of international organizations.

Susanne Schmeier holds a diploma in international relations and international law from the University of Leipzig, Germany, a PhD in transboundary water management from the Free University of Berlin and the Hertie School of Governance (HSoG) in collaboration with Oregon State University, and an LLM in Environmental Law from the University of London.



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Book chapters (selected)

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Working Papers (selected)

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