Thematic Alumni Events

IHE Delft organizes Thematic Alumni Events in  Africa, Asia, Latin America and/or the Middle East, primarily for IHE Delft alumni. The events cover themes that are of direct relevance and importance to the region and the participants and  facilitate the networking among alumni and different Institutions.

Thematic Alumni Events is a new initiative that take place in different continents with the financial support of Nuffic to increase alumni knowledge as well as to reinforce their professional network. The events aim to stimulate set-up and maintenance of thematic networks and create clear links between Nuffic, alumni, relevant (Dutch) educational institutions and relevant (Dutch) organizations. Moreover, they give all attendees an opportunity to mutually benefit from each other.

The thematic events are typically two or three days long. The programme includes thematic sessions, group discussions, network activities, an alumni gathering and a final ceremony where certificates of attendance are awarded. 

The Thematic Alumni Events are open to alumni who have studied in the Netherlands with NFP scholarships and are living/working in the countries of the course and region.


  • Facilitate exchange of experiences among alumni from different countries facing similar issues and problems in their professional capacities;
  • Enhance and strengthen relationships among these alumni, and between them, IHE Delft, Nuffic, alumni, relevant (Dutch) educational institutions and relevant (Dutch) organizations;
  • Stimulate the development of thematic networks on water, logistics and agri & food to connect Holland Alumni, Dutch Higher Education institutions, businesses and other relevant organisations worldwide;
  • Adapt and improve the approaches and contents of courses held at IHE Delft on the basis of the experiences and practices of professionals working in developing countries; and
  • Explore opportunities for establishing and strengthening local and regional knowledge centres that are part of regional and global networks for capacity building in the water, environment and infrastructure sectors.

Thematic Alumni Events in 2017

IHE Delft have organized four Thematic Alumni Events in 2017 with the financial support of NUFFIC and partners Institutions:

La Havana, Cuba | 28 - 29 March 2017
Topic: Water Food nexus in Coastal Zones
Coordinators: Dr. C. Lopez Vazquez and Dr. H. Garcia
Counterparts: Cujae and IIIA
Event concluded, read article here

Malang, Indonesia | Date: 3, 4 and 5 May 2017
Topic: Water harvesting for agriculture development toward climate change and food security in Indonesia.
Coordinator: Dr. F.X. Suryadi, MScCounterpart: Brawijaya University
Open to alumni working and living in Indonesia or Viet Nam.  
Event concluded, read article here

Sri Lanka |  27 - 28 July 2017
Topic: Livability in cities of the future: Addressing multiple challenges of climate change, urbanization, food and water security issues.
Coordinator: Dr. Assela Phatirana
Counterparts: Ministry of Megapolis and Western Development, Central Engineering Consultancy Bureau and Department of Coast Conservation and Coastal Resource Management
Open to alumni working and living in Sri Lanka.
Event concluded, read article here

Bogota, Colombia | 13 - 14 June 2017
Topic: Water, Food and Gender
Coordinator: Dr. T. Acevedo Guerrero and Dr. L. Alfonso
Counterpart: Netherlands Alumni Association of Colombia, Holland House and ARP
Open to alumni working and living in Colombian and Peru.
Event concluded, read article here


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