About our Alumni Community

IHE Delft has provided graduate education to more than 23,000 water professionals from over 190 countries. They form the Institute’s alumni community, the largest global network of water professionals in the world. They are acquiring key positions, supporting the implementation of the global water agenda and improving the quality of life of their communities every day.

Alumni Community

After graduation, IHE Delft's former students are welcomed into the alumni community. The Institute recognizes alumni as its greatest ambassadors and takes special pride in the vital role they play in implementing and spreading the knowledge they acquired during their studies. 

IHE Delft frequently communicates with the alumni community, and enables communications amongst alumni. The Alumni Officer assists and advises (the setup of) alumni associations around the world. Through this and  the organization of events such as the annual Alumni Day and various alumni gatherings, the Institute hopes to encourage alumni to keep in touch with each other and their alma mater. 

Information events and networking opportunities are annually organized at the Institute to prepare students for life as an alumnus, including the alumni corner and the Water Sector meets Future Water Leaders market. After graduation, the Institute facilitates communications between alumni and organizations that are of interest to them, enhancing connectivity with the international water sector.

The Institute encourages lifelong learning, organizing several refresher courses, online seminars and other activities every year.

IHE Delft’s Alumni

IHE Delft alumni are professionals who have finished degree studies at the Institute since its foundation in 1957. Today, they are employed in public and private organizations in the field of water, as well as in international organizations worldwide. Many alumni reach prominent positions in which strategic, managerial, policy and decision-making components become a major part of their function.


A comprehensive tracer study done in 2011 confirms that over 95% of the alumni return to their home country/region after graduation and that over 87% remains active in the water sector for many years.

For more background information download the Executive Summary of the Alumni Tracer Survey

Getting in touch with Alumni

Are you interested in getting in touch with the Institutes alumni, or communicating with them? Please get in touch with the Alumni Relations Officer, Ms. Maria Laura Sorrentino.

Water Jobs Marketplace

Water companies and other organizations often require qualified and experienced water professionals to work on projects or as employees all over the world. Search this regularly updated list for suitable opportunities and please cc Maria Laura Sorrentino if you make contact with any of them, so we can monitor how much this service is being used. 


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