Graduate education at IHE Delft is science based and highly relevant for those interested in water and development.

MSc Programmes

IHE Delft offers four 18-month Master of Science programmes. Furthermore, the Institute recently launched a fifth, one-year Master of Science programme, which focuses on non-sewered sanitation.

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Courses and PhD Programme

Academic Departments

  • Environmental Engineering & Water Technology

    The Environmental Engineering and Water Technology (EEWT) Department contributes to the provision of safe drinking water, adequate sanitation and resource recovery, focusing on developing countries and countries in transition.

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  • Integrated Water Systems & Governance

    The IWSG department consists of four chair groups that cover a broad range of disciplinary knowledge – sociology,  law, economics, public administration, political science, information technology, mathematics, hydrological and hydraulic modelling sciences, engineering, knowledge management and innovation studies.

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  • Water Science & Engineering

    The WSE Department deals with the fundamentals of understanding and modelling the primary processes related to water and the environment.

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