Alumni Benefits

There are a number of benefits and services associated with being an IHE Delft alumna/us. IHE Delft considers as alumni all professionals who have finished a programme given by the Institute in the Netherlands or abroad. 

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Alumni groups

Alumni are grouped into two categories: 

1. Diploma alumni which includes all professionals who have graduated from long programmes that is, PhD, MSc, M.Eng, GPDP and other Diploma programmes, and;

2. Certificate alumni which includes all professionals who have accomplished a Short and Online courses or Tailor Made Training programmes of minimum 2 weeks duration.


Benefits for all alumni

Life Long Learning

  • Online Seminars
  • Video conferences
  • Refresher Courses
  • Workshops abroad
  • Library - Access to IHE Master theses and PhD dissertations (operational March 2019)



  • Website
  • IHE Delft Alumni e-newsletter
  • Emails announcements 
  • Social media (facebook, LinkedIn groups, Twitter, Instagram, You Tube)
  • Tailor Made alumni Information before departure


  • Membership of Alumni Associations 
  • Support to create new IHE Delft alumni groups
  • Membership of social media groups 
  • Membership of NL alumni network. Official NUFFIC site open to all alumni
  • Alumni events participation gatherings, courses, seminars, booth etc.


Job Opportunities

  • Access to the water jobs marketplace.
    Water companies and other organizations often require qualified and experienced water professionals to work on projects or as employees all over the world. Search this regularly updated list for suitable opportunities


Contact person at IHE Delft

  • Alumni Relations Officer


Extra benefits for 

Diploma alumni who have finished a Master , PhD , MEng, or GPDP,  

  • 30% discount on IHE Delft short and online courses
  • Discount on publications 
  • IHE Delft Alumni Award participation

Certificate alumni, who have finished a minimum of 3 short courses or 3 online courses (or a combination)

  • 30% discount on IHE Delft short and online courses

Note: the 30% discount cannot be combined with other discounts!


Transcript Request

In case you need a transcript of your Degree / Diploma, obtained at IHE Delft (UNESCO-IHE), please request this to us. 

Please note that:

  • request for transcripts can only be submitted by the person to whom the original document was issued;
  • requests to provide any new document based upon new information cannot be honoured;

IHE Delft provides official document with notes, based upon information stated by the student upon his / her studies at the institute. This information (i.e. name-date of birth – nationality) is (was) being used within IHE Delft’s administration as well as Netherlands government administration;

IHE Delft issues a diploma  an alumni once only. Copies of Diplomas are not given! 

Please send your request to and the document will be sent to you.

Certificate of conduct

A certificate of good conduct (Verklaring Omtrent het Gedrag, VOG) is a document by which the Dutch State Secretary for Security and Justice declares that the applicant did not commit any criminal offences that are relevant to the performance of his or her duties. The certificate needs to be requested by the individual him or  herself through the following link:
More information and Application


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