Andre Dani Mawardhi

I am excited to explore new ways to develop sustainable water management for plantation industries.

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Indonesia East Asia and Pacific

Andre Dani Mawardhi, from Indonesia, is studying Irrigation Engineering and Management for Food Security.

How did you hear about IHE Delft?
Nuffic scholarships to study in the Netherlands are well-known in Indonesia, and they support studies at IHE Delft. I searched for a master programme that suits my education and work experience and found that an IHE Delft master fits my needs.

What are the benefits of studying here?
IHE Delft provides practical skills – this is useful for me as Head of Research Communication at a plantation research institute (PT Riset Perkebunan Nusantara). I will learn about technical aspects that helps me understand more about case studies. IHE Delft also allows students to enhance their competence using software, e.g. QGIS that enable us to solve water issues.

Why did you choose to study in the field of water?
My educational background is in soil science, which is related to water as you need water for plant growth and production. My interest in water intensified during my work experience at the plantation research institute. Water management is key to crop management. I am excited to explore new ways to develop sustainable water management for plantation industries.

Water-related problems in Indonesia
Indonesia will be facing water scarcity during dry seasons and floods during wet seasons due to climate change. These water problems will affect crop yield. Sustainable water management that supports agriculture will be important research topic in the coming years.

My first week and student experience
It was an amazing experience, studying in an international environment and meeting people from around the world has opened my mind. We exchange knowledge, not only about water, but also our cultures. IHE Delft allows students to share their thoughts and opinions. We can also access a lot of sources. Every student, regardless of their specialisation, had to take the same ‘Introduction to Water and Development  module - I was impressed by this as it means that each student has similar knowledge about water.

After graduation
I will return to my company and practice the knowledge I obtained at IHE Delft to solve water-related problems in agriculture. As a researcher, I will also conduct experiments about irrigation and drainage management for crops.

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