Ap van Dongeren

Associate Professor in Coastal Hazards


Ap van Dongeren is an Associate Professor of Coastal Hazards at IHE Delft and a Senior Specialist at Deltares. He holds a Master's Degree in Civil Engineering from TU Delft and a Ph.D of Civil Engineering (Coastal) from U. of Delaware (USA). He has been project leader on a number of national and international projects for the Dutch government, Dutch water boards, the Office of Naval Research and the World Bank. He was Coordinator on an EU-FP7 project called RISC-KIT on coastal resilience and extreme coastal events. He is the program manager on the strategic research program on "Quantifying Flood Hazards and Impacts", and member of the Deltares Scientific Board. He has led the development from the Deltares side of the open-source XBeach model from a dune erosion model to wider applicability on coral, gravel and vegetated coasts. He has led the development of Delft3D as an open-source model for the Navy and the development of a tool to quickly set up models and the development of a method to derive nearshore bathymetries from remote sensing. He served on the U.S. National Academies’ Committee on Coastal Risk Reduction for the U.S. Corps of Engineers. He has led a project team to improve the performance of SWAN (a wave action model) in a tidal inlet sea in order to derive more reliable Dutch wave boundary conditions. He has been Work Package Leader for the MICORE project, which has developed online dune erosion models for the European Union. 

Research Summary

Research Interests

- wave dynamics and flooding on small islands and coral-reef lined coasts

- morphological change on barrier islands

- numerical morphodynamical methods


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  doi.org/10.1029/2018JC014165  2824-2841 

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