Application & Admission

In order to be admitted as an IHE Delft PhD candidate, you need to officially apply. We advise you to find a professor from IHE Delft who is willing to act as your proposed promotor (supervisor). Subsequently, the research topic should be decided on and written by you. You will also need to obtain a source of funding for your PhD project yourself.

Admission Requirements

For admission to the PhD programme, you should have

  • an MSc degree with high qualifications: at least B+ (US system), 2nd Upper (British system) or a GPA of 3 out of 4;
  • a research topic that falls within the IHE Delft research themes;
  • a good command of the English language. All non-native English-speaking applicants must satisfy the English language requirements for IHE Delft's educational programmes.


The following documents are required as part of your PhD application to IHE Delft:

  • a motivation letter;
  • a detailed curriculum vitae;
  • originally certified transcripts / marksheets of academic BSc and MSc programmes;
  • originally certified diploma / degree / certificate of academic BSc and MSc programmes;
  • PhD research proposal;
  • an abstract of your MSc thesis;
  • 2 reference letters
  • copy of your passport or other ID;
  • good oral and writing English skills;

Upon receipt of your complete online application we will send your foreign diplomas and transcripts to the Diploma Validation Office of Nuffic. When your diplomas are found adequate, we will send your documents to a promotor. The promotor will be one of the IHE Delft Chair Professors who will consider whether to propose you for academic admission. A virtual interview session is part of this process. If the professor proposes you for admission, you will be sent an admission letter. However, if you need to submit the results on an English test, but haven't done so yet, the admission letter will be conditional.


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