Application & Admission

To obtain a PhD position at IHE Delft you will need to officially apply. In order to be admitted as an IHE Delft PhD fellow, you must first find a professor from IHE Delft who is willing to act as your proposed promotor (supervisor). Subsequently, the research topic should be decided on by you. You will also need to obtain a source of funding for your PhD project yourself. 

Admission Requirements

For admission to our PhD programme, candidates for the PhD programme at IHE Delft should have an IHE Delft MSc degree with high qualifications. An MSc degree from another university or institute - equal to IHE Delft's standards - may also be acceptable. A good command of the English language is essential. All non-native English-speaking applicants must satisfy the English language requirements for IHE Delft's educational programmes.

If a candidate is not yet in the possession of an MSc degree, but has an interesting research proposal and proven track record, he or she may be admitted to IHE Delft's MSc programme first, as part of and in preparation for the PhD research.

Application Procedure

If you meet the admission criteria, you need to submit the following documents to IHE Delft:

  • a motivation letter;
  • a detailed curriculum vitae;
  • originally certified photocopies of academic BSc and MSc transcripts/marksheets, in English and the original language, if applicable;
  • originally certified photocopies of academic BSc and MSc diplomas/degrees/certificates, in English and the original language, if applicable;
  • PhD research proposal (1): a brief outline of the topic on which you wish to work (not more than 5 – 10 typed sides of A4); we advise you to contact the concerned Chair professor in your preferred research field first as you have to indicate his/her name in your application:
  • an abstract of your MSc thesis (1-2 pages);
  • 2 reference letters on official logo paper and signed;
  • copy of your passport;
  • results of an English language test; and
  • proof of funding (if applicable): in case you already have a sponsor: the confirmation letter written by this sponsor in English.

Upload all documents after logging on to your application account here -  In case you do not have an account, register first.

Upon receipt of this information we will send your foreign diplomas and transcripts to the Diploma validation office of Nuffic. In case your diplomas are found adequate, we will send your documents to a promotor. The promotor will be one of the IHE Delft Professors who will consider whether to propose you for academic admission. A skype session is part of this process. If the professor accepts you, you will be sent an unconditional admission letter. 

However, if you need to submit the results on an English test, but haven't done so yet, the admission letter will be conditional. Find more information on the English requirements here.

For a complete overview of research possibilities, please visit the academic department page of your interest. The chair groups belonging to the departments are listed there, with an overview of IHE Delft staff and their expertise. Please contact a staff member directly to discuss possible mentorship for your PhD research. 

The research outline or proposal is to include: 

  1. Title of the proposed research: what title gives the best description of the research you have in mind; 
  2. Background: what inspires you to do the mentioned research, what is known in literature (provided references), is the intended research unique? Moreover, provide three quantifiable objectives; 
  3. Materials and methods: indicate per objective the research steps, indicate parameters, measurements, analyses. Be quantitative/concrete.
  4. Preliminary results: what do you expect to be the coming out of the objectives? Can you show these preferably in graphical form?
  5. Preliminary conclusions: what conclusions do you expect to be able to draw? 
  6. References: please indicate on the basis of consulted literature why you believe you are at the point of entering a research niche. 

For any other Frequently Asked Questions, click here.


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