Charlotte de Fraiture

Professor of Hydraulic Engineering for Land and Water Development


In 2012 Charlotte joined IHE Delft as professor Land and Water Development under the Land and Water Management department, leading the group on Water and Agriculture and affiliated to the Water Resources Management group at Wageningen University and Research (WUR). Since 2018 Charlotte is a member of the Rectorate as Vice Rector Academic & Student Affairs of IHE Delft, leading the effort of developing new MSc programmes on Water and Sustainable Development. 

With a background in irrigation engineering and economics, her broad research and education interests include agricultural water management and food security; small scale and farmer-led irrigation development; irrigation perfomance assessment; irrigation water management; and ecosystem services and water pricing.  

She holds a PhD in Civil Engineering (specialization Water Resources Management) from the University of Colorado in Boulder-USA, a MA in economics from the University of Colorado in Boulder-USA and a MSc in irrigation water engineering from Wageningen University, the Netherlands.

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Research Summary

Charlotte has been involved as researcher and project leader in several research and capacity development projects related to small scale irrigation, climate finance, irrigation and wetlands, watershed development, irrigation performance, irrigation management transfer and modeling of global water supply and demand. She was instrumental in the development and application of the global water and food model which was applied for global scenarios on water, food and the environment as part of the Comprehensive Assessment on Water Management in Agriculture.

Besides research, she fulfilled several management positions & roles related to education and research, being Head of Department, chair of the Examination Board, chair of the MSc Programme Committee, Head of Regional Office in West-Africa, Theme Leader and Group Head. 


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Most Cited Peer Reviewed Publications

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Recent Journal Articles

  1. SA Theol, B Jagers, FX Suryadi, C de Fraiture. 2021. Use of 2D/3D Models for Cohesive and Noncohesive Sediments in Irrigation Canals. Journal of Irrigation and Drainage Engineering 147 (5), 05021002.
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