Claudia Bertini

Researcher in Hydroinformatics


Claudia Bertini is a researcher in the Hydroinformatics group at IHE Delft Institute for Water Education in Delft, the Netherlands. She holds an MSc degree in Civil Hydraulic Engineering and a PhD degree in Environmental and Hydraulics Engineering from Sapienza University of Rome, Italy. Her background in hydrology, with experience in rainfall data analysis, rainfall extreme events, remote sensing, and hydrological modelling.

Research Summary

Her main research focus at IHE is on the application of Machine Learning to improve forecasting of extreme events, within the H2020 project “CLImate INTelligence: Extreme events detection, attribution and adaptation design using machine learning” (CLINT, She is also collaborating to other two H2020 projects,  aimed at revealing the role of GEOSS data in the development of climate change adaptation measures (EIFFEL,, and defining a roadmap for Copernicus water services (Water-ForCE,, respectively. Before joining IHE she worked as a post-doc researcher in Rome, where she collaborated to research projects related to rainfall extreme events and in education activities, which involved both teaching and supervising students.


Research publications:

  • Bertini, C.; Buonora, L.; Ridolfi, E.; Russo, F.; Napolitano, F. On the Use of Satellite Rainfall Data to Design a Dam in an Ungauged Site. Water 2020, 12, 3028.
  • Bertini C., Ridolfi E., Padua L.H.R., Russo F., Napolitano F., Alfonso L. An entropy-based approach for the optimization of rain gauge network using satellite and ground-based data. Hydrol. Res.,

Conference proceedings:

  • Bertini, C., Mineo, C., & Moccia, B. (2019, July). Setting a methodology to detect main directions of synchronous heavy daily rainfall events for Lazio region using complex networks. In AIP Conference Proceedings (Vol. 2116, No. 1, p. 210003). AIP Publishing LLC. ;
  • Bertini, C., Ridolfi, E., Alfonso, L., & Napolitano, F. (2020, November). Optimal rain gauge network design based on multi-objective optimization approach. In AIP Conference Proceedings (Vol. 2293, No. 1, p. 250002). AIP Publishing LLC.
  • Bertini, C., & Napolitano, F. (2022, April). Accounting for spatial variability in rainfall thresholds: A case study in central Italy. In AIP Conference Proceedings (Vol. 2425, No. 1, p. 180002). AIP Publishing LLC.
  • Bertini, C., & Russo, F. (2022, April). Evaluation of CMORPH skills in capturing rainfall extreme events: A case study in Mignone river catchment. In AIP Conference Proceedings (Vol. 2425, No. 1, p. 180006). AIP Publishing LLC.


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