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Capacity development is the most sustainable way to solve the global water problems and is the goal of all our activities. Students at IHE Delft learn not only how to solve technical problems but also how to understand water issues from an interdisciplinary viewpoint and gain essential leadership skills. To ensure that we can continue this mission, we request financial support for partial or full fellowships.

The challenge

The world is facing several water-related issues, due to population growth, climate change, urbanization, industrialization and other major factors.  In 2015, the UN adopted the Sustainable Development Goals; Goal 6 aims to achieve sustainable water and sanitation for all by 2030. But the challenge is acute today: still 2.1billion people lack safe water supply and 4.5 billion lack access to proper sanitation.

These challenges require people working in the water sector, who can combine technical knowledge, a clear vision, ability to deal with complexity as well as to mobilize resources and inspire others.

Why IHE Delft?

IHE Delft is the largest international graduate water education institute in the world and confers fully accredited MSc degrees, and PhD degrees in collaboration with partners in the Netherlands. Since 1957, the institute has provided postgraduate education to over 23,000 water professionals from more than 190 countries, the vast majority from the Global South.

About 95% of our graduates return to their home countries to take up senior positions and over the years have made significant contributions to the development of the water and environmental sectors.

How to donate

To maximize value and benefit these are the main ways of donating:

  • Individuals or organizations can fund fellowships for MSc students or PhD fellows or request other uses for their donations.
  • Individuals or organizations can request that their donation be used to match-fund fellowships, e.g. with Rotary or other donors.

Other options are available for discussion with the Rectorate.

Please note that the foundation status of IHE Delft allows for tax deductions on donations from Dutch taxpayers.

Contact IHE Delft

If you are interested in making a donation to IHE Delft, please send an email to and a member of our staff will happily discuss with you how you can support the work of IHE Delft.


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