FAQ for Applicants

If you are experiencing challenges applying, please read our Frequently Asked Questions first. These are the most common issues raised by users.

Have you received my application? I have not received a confirmation email.
Unfortunately our system is not sending its automated confirmation of receipt. You can check the status of your application on your personal page. If the status is "Submitted" or "Under review", it has been received.

I am unable to submit. The button is grey.

  • Did you click [SAVE AND CONTINUE] each time before moving to the next page?
  • You have to fill in the pages, click [SAVE AND CONTINUE] at the bottom of the page. 
  • When you get to the documents, you can click [ CHOOSE FILE]
  • and then click [UPLOAD]
  • Check the box [all documents are true] at the bottom
  • and then [SUBMIT]

Please note: You can only upload pdf or word documents. (No zip, excel or other formats).

My transcript is four pages transcript and I cannot upload them because there is only one field.
You can merge several separate pdfs into one pdf. You can do so online or in your preferred pdf-reader. 

My pdf is too big to be uploaded because the maximum size is 2MB.
You could open your document in your preferred pdf-reader, click Document and then Reduce File size.  Another option is reducing the size of the document by printing it to pdf. There are plenty of tips online about this.

I did not receive my activation mail.
It might have disappeared into your spam/junk mail folder. Did you apply on this page?: www.un-ihe.org/user

If you have run into a problem that is not described in our FAQ, please let us know by sending a mail to   . Please describe the problem so we can help you solve it. Sometimes it is helpful to add a screen print.

Q: What does status "Draft", "Submitted", "Under review" etc. mean?
A: Please find below the explanation of the different statuses your application could have:

  • Draft: You are working on your application, but have not submitted it yet.
  • Submitted: You have submitted your application successfully but it is not yet under review.
  • Under review: We have received your application and have started the application process (Max. 4 weeks).
  • Academically admitted: You are academically admitted, final admission depends on proof of financial support.
  • Conditionally admitted: You are conditionally admitted. The conditions that you still need to fulfill are mentioned in the conditional admission letter which you will receive by email.
  • Incomplete: Your application cannot be processed as it is not complete. Click edit in the application and upload the missing information/ documents, then submit the application again by clicking "finish" in the last step of the application called "comment". 

Q: When will I be informed on the outcome of my application?
A: The duration for MSc applications is maximum 4 weeks from the moment we receive the application (status: "Submitted" or "Under review").

Q: City (of residence) or Place of birth does not exist
A: Please select "other". You will be presented with a new field where you can submit a new city.

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This link should direct you to the log in page or to your account if you are still logged in: www.un-ihe.org/user 

We look forward to receiving your application! 



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