Frank Wiegman

Laboratory Research Analyst


Frank Wiegman is a research analyst in the IHE laboratories. Since 1996 he is mainly involved in the guidance and support of MSc research. This support includes analytical work in the field of chemistry, botany and microbiology. He graduated (1992) from the "HLO Larenstein" in Wageningen, majoring in Microbiology. As a trainee he worked at the Department of Virology of the Wageningen University & Research Centre (WUR) on:

Transmission of a morphological defective form of tomato spotted wilt virus isolate NL-04 by its natural vector Frankliniella occidentalis (jul.1991 until dec. 1991) and on

Karakterisering van een met papaya verwant gedacht virus: Het bieten-papaya mozaiek virus.(jan. 1992 till aug. 1992).

The first two years at IHE were project based and dedicated to: Biological management of irrigation channel weed problems in irrigated semi-arid agriculture in Patagonia, Argentina and for another 6 months on Helophyte species growing under salt stress.

Parallel to the regular activities in the lab he was involved in an international research project called: "Prediction of the resilience and recovery of disturbed coastal communities in the tropics (SE Asia) (PREDICT) 1998-2002, that included some submerged fieldwork in Vietnam and the Philippines.


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