Giri Khatri

I would like to utilize water resources better and in a more productive way.

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Giri Khatri is from Nepal and studies Water Resources Management. He has a background in environmental science and he worked for seven years in the field. Giri decided to study Water Resources management, because he wanted to enhance his knowledge and skills in the field of water.

On his work experience: I used to work for an NGO in Nepal, called Environment and Public Health Organization (ENPHO). My manager at this organization is also an IHE Delft alumnus. Later I joined the SNV Netherlands Development Organization in Cambodia, where I worked for two and a half years and I also worked on projects in Ghana and Bhutan. I went back to Nepal and worked for another year in Action Contre la Faim as a programme manager and led the WASH Recovery programme in earthquake affected districts before coming to IHE Delft.

On his decision to pursue a Master’s at IHE Delft: “I used to work in water related projects and my orientation was to provide access to water and sanitation for poor communities. I would like to utilize water resources better and in a more productive way. I was not able to do this in my previous work because of project limitations and sometimes because of the limited knowledge and skills. I realised that providing the access to water and sanitation to the communities is not enough. It was time to improve the livelihood and living standard of people, through the productive use of water. Once I joined IHE Delft and completed four modules I felt I have already gained knowledge and skills through learning and sharing, which I can use in Nepal and abroad.’’

“What made me choose IHE Delft: ‘’I used to work in the water sector, where I met many professionals and some of them were graduates from IHE Delft. They told me that if I wanted to enhance my knowledge and skills in the water sector, IHE Delft is the most highly recommended institute.”

About problems in his home country: ‘’In Nepal we have plenty of water resources but we do not utilize it in a proper way. I grew up in a village where we did not have easy access to water and we often had to walk quite far to get drinking water.”

On his first week at IHE Delft: “it was fun, I made many friends from different countries, nationalities, and backgrounds. It was really easy for me interact with everyone not only from my class but also from different disciplines as well.

On his goals after his study: “I will continue working in the water sector but now on a broader scale.”


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