Janani Ravindran

I want to break the stereotype that exists in my region that women cannot work in technical fields and make their hands dirty.

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Janani Ravindran from India is studying for a Master’s in Water Management and Governance.

How did you hear about IHE Delft?
I’m from Cuddalore, a city  in South India. I worked in wastewater and faecal sludge management for 4.5 years - I was a project officer in the research and development team at the NGO Water Sanitation and Hygiene Institute (WASH Institute). I attended various conferences where I met IHE Delft professors, and through them, I learned about the Institute. Some of my colleagues also studied at IHE Delft. IHE Delft is known as one of the best institutes to study water, and for its focus on the Global South. I am funded by the Rotary Foundation.

Why did you choose to study in the field of water?
I have an applied sciences background and worked as an energy auditor for a year at Auroville, a township in India that is focused on sustainable living and ecologically friendly technologies. This work experience made me more passionate to work in the field of water. I realized that  there were a lot of governance issues and that policies that were not in place or not being updated - the gap was huge. I  decided to broaden my knowledge in water management and governance.

I also want to break the stereotype that exists in my region that women cannot work in technical fields and make their hands dirty.

Water-related problems in India
In India we have abundant rainfalls which we fail to store, and then we have bad droughts. Every rainy season there is a flood, and in the summer there is drought.

After graduation
I would like to have my own consultancy company and work in Water Governance in the Global South.

My first week and student experience
I was very excited: it felt like home. The seniors were taking care of us and we had two weeks’ time before starting our classes. The teaching style is very interactive, professors are very open and value our opinions. The exams and group work gave me a good understanding of the different perspectives as we come from various countries and have different backgrounds.

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