Johan Aad van Dijk PhD, MA

Business Director


Johan Aad van Dijk was Director of Centre Development at Rotterdam School of Management, Head of Project Office at the International Institute of Social Studies and Acting Director of the Management Centre International Cooperation at Delft University of Technology. 

In addition to his management experience in higher education settings, Johan brings global experience, particularly in the areas of donor relations and connecting private and public sector parties with academic agendas in socio-economic, environmental sciences and engineering.

Johan was an EU Research Fellow and developed GIS applications for water resources management in Ireland. When working for the Ford Foundation he was assigned to the Sudanese National Research Council where he supervised and trained Ministry of Agriculture staff on irrigation system monitoring and improvement. Other assignments have been with Dutch consultants Royal Haskoning DHV and HVA International on soil and water conservation programmes. He has carried out 70 international project missions. 

He was a Board Member and Chair of PIE (Platform International Education) from 2010-2013 and acted as jury member in various competitions challenging young professionals. 

Johan completed his PhD in Environmental Sciences in 1995 at the University of Amsterdam with a fellowship from the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research NWO/WOTRO.



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