Kelly Tseng

PhD Fellow


Leng-Hsuan Tseng has received her Bachelor of Science degree in Oceanography from National Taiwan Ocean University, Taiwan and Master of Science degree in Ocean Engineering from National Cheng Kung University, Taiwan. Her graduate study focused on natural hazards and wave statistics with the topic "Freak Wave Occurrence Probability in a Nonlinear Wave Field". 

From September 2018, Leng-Hsuan has joined the River Basin Development chair group, IHE Delft Institute for Water Education for her PhD research. Her research is funded by a European Union’s Horizon 2020 Project RECONECT, which aims to rapidly enhance the European reference framework on Nature-Based Solutions (NBS) for hydro-meteorological risk reduction. Her topic focuses on exploratory modelling of large-scale Nature-Based Solutions within the scope of RECONECT project.




Research Summary

There is strong evidence that economic and other losses from natural disasters are increasing throughout the world, in which hydro-meteorological disasters have shown the fastest rate of increase relative to the others.  Implementation of Nature-Based Solutions (NBS) for hydro-meteorological risk reduction offers the possibility to break away from traditional practices and enable to reconnect our land management practices and developments with nature in order to achieve multiple benefits to services and functions of ecosystems.

Examples of large-scale NBS for hydro-meteorological risk reduction which can provide proof-of-concept for their upscaling and replication is currently lacking and there is a clear need to enhance their evidence base through demonstration within the European reference framework. The Ph.D. project is part of EC-funded project RECONECT and focuses on developing a flood inundation model for simulating flood scenarios and the effects of implementation of large-scale NBSs.

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Hydraulic Engineering and River Basin Development

River Basin Development chair group




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