Micha Werner

Associate Professor of Hydraulic Engineering


Dr. Werner holds a position as Associate Professor in Flood Risk Management and River Basin Development at IHE Delft.  Within the MSc programme at IHE Delft he lectures on the subjects of flood management and river basin development & management, as well as supervision of fieldwork exercises. He is involved in the supervision of several MSc and PhD students. He has also given a number of guest lectures, including at Delft University and Lancaster University (UK), as well as invited keynote lectures at international scientific conferences.

The main research interests of Dr Werner are on the application of hydrological and hydraulic models and data in operational water management, including floods, droughts and reservoir operation. He has particular focus on forecast verification and dealing with uncertainties, as well as how uncertainties are presented and communicated within the operational setting. Besides a strong focus on operational forecasting, he has been closely involved in the wider scope of flood risk analysis, obtaining a PhD in uncertainties in flood inundation modelling at the Delft University of Technology, as well as participating in several key European research projects. He has actively participated in several international scientific conferences, and has published several papers in peer reviewed journals and conference proceedings, as well as book chapters in scientific collections. Dr. Werner is a member of the editorial board of the Journal of Hydrology and Earth Systems Sciences, and serves as a member of the WMO Open Panel of CHy Experts, with a focus on flood forecasting and modelling.

Dr. Micha Werner also holds a position as Senior Hydrologist at Deltares, working within the Operational Water Management group. His main focus is on operational flood forecasting and warning. Dr. Werner was one of the principal designers of the DELFT-FEWS flood forecasting system, now applied in over 20 operational forecasting centres across the world. He is responsible for research and innovation in the development of flood forecasting systems. And in this role he works closely with experts at various operational flood forecasting centres around the world, including those in the United States, England and Wales, Scotland, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Sudan, Pakistan and the United States. At these operational centres he has gained unique experience in hydrological and hydraulic aspects of operational forecasting, establishing the institutional setting of a flood forecasting and warning system, and in capacity building and training of operational forecasting staff.

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Peer Reviewed


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