Miroslav Marence MSc

Associate Professor of Storage and Hydropower


Dr. Marence graduated in Civil Engineering at the University of Zagreb, Croatia in 1987, completing his MSc thesis in structural modeling of frames on elastic foundations. Following this he undertook his PhD in Tunneling and Underground Works at the University of Innsbruck, Austria in 1993. His thesis was entitled ”Numerical modeling of rock bolts considering rock joint movement”.

Since 1994 he has worked as a consultant engineer at Poyry Energy GmbH (former Verbundplan) in Salzburg, Austria. During this period he has worked on the design of many International hydropower projects in Austria, Turkey, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Iran, Buthan, Lao, Thailand, Bulgaria, etc. From 2008 he has been the head of the tunneling department.

In September 2009 he joined IHE Delft as an Associate Professor in Hydraulic Engineering and River Basin Development. He is responsible for the course of Storage and Hydropower within the core of Hydraulic Engineering and River Basin Development. Dr. Marence main research and training interests lie on dam and reservoir development and design of hydropower schemes and structures.


Key Publications:

M. Marence, S. L. Tesgera, M.J. Franca: Towards the circularization of the energy cycle by implementation of hydroelectricity production in existing hydraulic systems. JRC Technical Report: Validation workshop on framing the context for operationalising the Water-Energy-Food (WEF) Nexus, Brussels, 2018. pp 125-138

M. Getachew, M. Marence, H.C.C. Hurtado, M. Franca: Optimization of Run-of-River hydropower Plant Capacity. Journal of International Water Power & Dam Construction, October 2018 (in press)

M. Marence, P. Evangeliou, 2018: Reliability assessment of gravity dam block by coupled a Directional Adaptive Response Surface full probabilistic method and 3D coupled flow –stress finite element analysis. Proceedings of 14th ICOLD International Benchmark Workshop on Numerical Analysis of Dams, TRITA-ABE-1802001, Stockholm, Sweden.

M. Marence, A. Mihaylova, A. Hristova, J.C. Chacon-Hurtado, 2017: Arch dam deformation prediction using computational intelligence techniques. 85th Annual Meeting of International Commission on Large Dams (ICOLD). Prague, Czech Republics, ISBN: 978-80-906662-2-1

T.D.Y.F. Simanjuntak, M. Marence, A.J. Schleiss, A.E. Mynett: Mechanical-hydraulic interaction in cracking process of pressure tunnel linings. Hydropower & Dams. Vol.20(5):112-119. ISSN 1352-2523. 2013

T. Demeke, M. Marence, A.E. Mynet: Evaporation from reservoirs and hydropower water footprint. Hydro Africa, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, 2013.

M.Marence: Numerical simulation and excavation of caverns for PSP Limberg II. In "50 Years of NATM – Experience Report” ITA-Austria, ISBN 978-3-200-02801-2, pp 213-216. 2012.

M. Marence, 2009: Geotechnical input essential for power waterway design, EUROCK 2009, Dubrovnik, Croatia, 291-296.

M. Marence, 2007, Numerical modelling and design of pressure tunnels, Hydro 2008, Ljubljana, Slovenia.

M. Marence, D. Milicevic, S. Vucina, 2003, Hydro Power Plant Mostarsko blato—A multi-purpose project in karst. HYDRO 2003, Dubrovnik, Croatia.

M. Marence, 1998, Reliability assessment of tunnel design, Geotechnical Hazards, Balkema, Rotterdam, 559-564.

M. Marence, G. Swoboda, 1995, Numerical model of rock bolts under consideration of rock joint movements. Rock Mechanic and Rock Engineering, Vol. 28, No. 3, 145-165.

G. Swoboda, M. Marence, I. Mader, 1994, Finite element modelling of tunnel excavation. Engineering Modelling, Vol. 6, No. 1, Split, Croatia, 51-63.

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