Nephele Maria Irene Cauchi

We all need to be engaged in managing water. I believe that this Institute is the most suitable to succeed in the water sector.

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Nephele Cauchi comes from Greece, and she is studying Water Management and Governance. Before coming to IHE Delft, she was working part-time as a research assistant at the National Technical University of Athens, which works with IHE Delft on many European projects. Nephele was interested in water management, so she talked with specialists of the University and they informed her about IHE Delft and its courses.

About studying in Delft/the Netherlands: ‘’I believe that there are many benefits of studying at IHE Delft, especially, since water is something we are all involved in, and it is all around us. We all need to be engaged in managing water. I believe that this Institute is the most suitable to succeed in the water sector.’’

Back in Greece, she was taught the material, had assignments and then exams. “Teamwork was not the same, at IHE Delft you become friends, closely interrelated to the people around you. It’s so different and that is why I didn’t have difficulties when I came to The Netherlands.’’

‘’At IHE Delft we have more discussions than actual teaching. Most of the time everyone is stating their opinions, views and their experiences rather than actually being taught different concepts. I am a person who is quite an introvert but I like the way it is taught. I think we learn better from experiences.’’

About problems in her home country: ‘’Greece isn’t a country that has problems with water scarcity. We have a problem in managing water. I see people waste water as if it is nothing, I see tap water just running. These are just simple things that we are not paying attention to. So it is not the water as a resource, it is water management that is the biggest problem.’’

What surprised her the most at IHE Delft: ‘’How warm people are and how connected they feel with you. They do not make you feel like a stranger and they don’t look at you weirdly if you ask a question. I feel very connected to the environment which is very nice.’’

One she is back home, Nephele wants to take part in research projects in Africa and provide as much assistance as she can, where it is needed the most.

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