Delft, The Netherlands, 12 Oct 2017

Dr. Arie Setiadi Moerwanto, Alumni Award winner 2017

Alumnus Dr. Arie Setiadi Moerwanto from Indonesia is the winner of the IHE Delft Alumni Award 2017. The award is given annually to an alumna/us who is at the height of her or his career and has proven to be a role model for other water professionals, by demonstrating the impact of her/his work in a water related field, to improve people's quality of life.

Dr. Arie Setiadi  Moerwanto is Director General of Highway Engineering at the Ministry of Public Works and Housing in Indonesia and former Director Water Resource Management. He completed his MSc. studies in Hydraulic Engineering at IHE Delft in 1990 and he is the first alumnus from Asia to receive this award. Three alumni made up a very strong shortlist. They were: Mr. Dhanesh Gunatilleke from Sri Lanka; Dr. Alvaro Carmo Vaz from Mozambique and Ms. Gowri Ramanah from Sri Lanka.

Dr. Moerwanto will  receive his award during the Opening Academic Year & Alumni Award Ceremony on 19 October at IHE Delft and will give a presentation about  his work in a Lunch Seminar on Friday 20 October 12.45hrs at IHE Delft.

About the winner

Dr. Moerwanto has been working as a Civil Servant at Ministry of Public Works and Housing since 1986 and has held several positions at the Ministry. He has a consistent, proven track record of professionalism, responsibility, integrity and commitment to the institution where he is working, to develop Indonesian infrastructures. His commitment to improve the living conditions in his country, his academic performance, and professional leadership in Indonesia are very highly respected.

Dr. Moerwanto has accomplished important projects in Indonesia including:

  • Leading an integrated research programme, which covered technical and social aspects related to the development of urban areas in Indonesia. Some examples are in Semarang and other cities. 
  • He collaborated on the writing of guidelines on Urban Polder Development in Indonesia. The impact of land subsidence and sea level rise, mean that polders are one of the options to be considered to solve the flooding problem in coastal cities. These guidelines are used by practitioners in Indonesia.
  • His latest contribution is the design of the traffic management system along the highway on Northern Java, where as a result, there were zero accidents during that period (in comparison with so many victims in previous years).
  • He is also an excellent ambassador of IHE Delft, acting as a key person for the collaboration between IHE Delft and Ministry of Public Works and Housing Indonesia, in the field of research and capacity development on Water.

Under his leadership, many staff from the Ministry of Public Works and Housing were encouraged to study MSc, PhD and also short courses related to water at IHE Delft. As a result, IHE Delft has many successful alumni who are professional leaders at the Ministry of Public Works and Housing. 


We interviewed Dr. Arie Setiadi Moerwanto about his career. read his story here.


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