Delft, The Netherlands, 19 Sep 2014

Dr. Tom Okia Okurut wins the UNESCO-IHE Alumni Award 2014

Alumnus Dr. Tom Okia Okurut from Uganda is the winner of the second UNESCO-IHE Alumni Award. The award is annually given to an alumnus/alumna who is at the height of her or his career and has proven to be a role model for other water professionals by showing an outstanding contribution to water management.

Dr. Okurut is the currently Executive Director at the National Environment Management Authority of Uganda where in his three years of tenure has instutionalised public dialogue as one of the key public education awareness and knowledge sharing means for increasing appreciation of environmental as integral in the social and economic development planning.

His efforts were instrumental in the initiation of The Lake Victoria Civil Society Network enabling the Civil activities and programs of Lake Victoria in their respective countries as full partners in line with the protocol provisions. His efforts as Executive Director have not only aided development in Uganda but across East Africa.

Dr. Okurut studied at UNESCO-IHE (IHE) from 1991 to 1999 completing his MSc and PhD degrees in Environmental Science and Technology focusing on the adoption of the Framework Strategy for the Management and Development of Lake Victoria Basin by East African Community Council of Ministers as a planning tool by all Lake Victoria Stakeholders, at UNESCO-IHE.

Dr. Okurut will receive his award on 16 October 2014 during the Opening of the Academic year and Alumni Day ceremony at UNESCO-IHE .

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