Delft, The Netherlands, 22 Apr 2021

The International Water Management Institute and IHE Delft continue their collaboration

After having worked together closely for over a decade, the International Water Management Institute (IWMI) and IHE Delft have created a new Memorandum of Understanding for a period of five years. Both parties aim to strengthen and mobilize the global educational and knowledge base for the sustainable management of water, land and environmental resources with a view to reduce poverty and improve food security.

IWMI and IHE Delft share the view that access to water is essential to food security, and that in many places renewable water resources are depleted beyond sustainable levels.

In order to address the critical development challenges of water and food security, it is important to monitor and assess the availability and use of fresh water resources (in particular in relation to agriculture), to increase crop water productivity in a sustainable way, to revitalize dated irrigation schemes, and to ensure equitable access to water resources.

IWMI and IHE Delft will collaborate on the following themes:

  • Water management and global change
  • Water accounting
  • Improved options for agricultural water management
  • Improved water governance and management for the environment
  • Waste water reuse

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