The Netherlands , 15 Mar 2021

MoU signed between Luftia Rabbani Foundation and IHE Delft

On Friday, 12 March, an MoU was signed online by IHE Delft and the Luftia Rabbani Foundation (LRF). A shared goal of the MoU is to promote Euro-Arab dialogue and understanding through education between cultures. The signing parties were Salim Rabbani, LRF Chairman and Eddy Moors, Rector of IHE Delft.

Abeer Almomani, IHE Delft PhD fellow funded by LRF, emphasized the gratitude to the Rabbani family-run foundation and the warm welcome she has received by LRF through mentorship and scholar networks, among other things. Vice Rector Charlotte de Fraiture gave a brief speech highlighting the opportunities for Arab students that are to be created by the two organizations working together. Yonet Schroeder, an active member of the LRF Board, Marina Grama, LRF Programmes Associate and Cristina Anacabe IHE’s Business Development Officer were also present at the ceremony and have been directly involved in making this MoU a reality. 

In 1979, the Luftia Rabbani Foundation was founded in Den Haag by businessman, diplomat and Palestinian refugee to the Netherlands, Mahmoud Salim Rabbani. The Foundation is dedicated to fostering mutual understanding and cooperation between Europe and the Arab World. This is done via education, dialogue, and cultural exchanges. Crucial steps in this process include scholarships, dialogue, and cooperation.

The main objective of the MoU is to strengthen the coordination and explore the possibilities of cooperation in the domains of professional development and Euro-Arab dialogue amongst IHE Delft students, several of whom have been applicants to the LRF’s MSc scholarships. LRF and IHE Delft will collaborate to provide potential scholarships  for students from the Arab World to pursue MSc level education at the IHE Delft.

The signing of this MoU demonstrates, in a tangible way, that these organizations are committed to collaborating to support Euro-Arab dialogue and understanding through education.


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