Delft, The Netherlands, 31 May 2021

MoU signing with ICETEX

On Thursday 27 May, a celebration took place to mark the signing of an MoU between ICETEX, Colombia and IHE Delft. The objective of the MoU is to offer scholarships for students to pursue water-related MSc programmes at IHE Delft.

The signing parties were Mrs. Paula Andrea Henao, International Relations Director at ICETEX, who represented ICETEX President, Mr. Manuel Acevedo Jaramillo, and Dr. Eddy Moors, Rector of IHE Delft.

The Colombian Ambassador to the Netherlands, Mr. Fernando Grillo, accompanied Dr. Moors and acted as witness to the signature. During his speech, Mr. Grillo congratulated both parties on behalf of the Colombian Government and highlighted the importance of the agreement for Colombian students calling it “a very significant step”.

The ceremony was conducted by Dr. Leonardo Alfonso, Colombia Country Coordinator at IHE Delft. He said, “we have a long and productive relationship with Colombia, with 355 alumni and a number of projects ongoing. This MoU serves to extend and enrich this relationship”.

Additionally, the Colombian Minister of Housing, Mr. Malagon Gonzalez, participated in the event. Through a video message he showed the positive impact of IHE Delft alumni in the water sector in Colombia and declared the agreement as key for the future development and contribution to SDG 6 in Colombia. Watch here

Value for the future of the Colombian water sector

Clara Maria Corzo, one of 17 current MSc students from Colombia, spoke about her experience at IHE Delft and emphasized the value of this agreement for the future of the Colombian water sector. 

Natalia Roman, from the Netherlands Embassy in Colombia also supported the agreement.

Present at the ceremony were Dr. Charlotte the Fraiture, Vice-Rector at IHE Delft, Mrs. Paula Milena Trilleras from the International Relations Office at ICETEX and Mrs. Cristina Anacabe, Business Development Officer at IHE Delft.

The ceremony concluded with the joint commitment to keep working together and to strengthen the ties between IHE Delft and the Colombian Government.


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