Water and Development Partnership Programme: 10 projects selected for funding

Ten of 93 proposals submitted to the IHE Delft Water and Development Partnership Programme in response to a call for proposals with budgets up to 400,000 euro for a maximum period of three years have been selected for funding.

After an initial eligibility screening, the programme management team shortlisted 27 proposals that were evaluated by external reviewers who further assessed their alignment with the focus of the call. Click on the infographic for a quick overview.

A mosaic of projects 

While the selected projects work on the broad themes of the programme, namely Water and Health, Water and Food, River Basins and Deltas, they vary in their goals and approaches. 
One project comprises a team spread across the Nile basin and aims to strengthen the collaboration between journalists and scientists, in order to encourage mainstream media to share stories of transboundary cooperation and struggles instead of focusing only on domestic interests.
Half of the selected projects are located in the focus regions of the programme – that is, Sahel, the Horn of Africa and the Middle East.  
A project in rural Nigeria, will look at how local geography and cultural understandings of gender relations shape access to water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) services. 
A project in Palestine aims to address transboundary inequalities by creating a development masterplan for industrial wastewater management in the Wadi Zomer region. 
Projects outside the focus regions will use the programme’s thematic learning networks to share insights with organizations in the focus regions. Across the ocean, a project in Colombia will study everyday experiences and injustices associated with urban development, wetlands, riverine degradation and sea level rise in two port cities.
More about the partnership programme
The programme envisions a world where inclusive and diverse partnerships and marginalized knowledges transform the ways we know, use, share and care for water. To achieve this, the programme funds bold, creative and transdisciplinary projects that combine research, education and capacity strengthening activities aimed at creating a peaceful, just and sustainable world. 
The Water and Development Partnership Programme 2021-2027 is supported by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


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