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IHE Delft is committed to solving the world's water crisis by educating the water leaders of the future, particularly those from developing countries and countries in transition. The demand for water education far exceeds the number of professionals that the Institute can train.

In order to bridge this gap somewhat, IHE Delft aims to make available all of its modules as Open Courseware. This allows quality educational materials, including lectures and supporting materials such as course notes, PowerPoint presentations, exercises, tools, models and public domain software to be freely available and easily retrievable.

Available Courses

Currently, the following four courses are available as Open Courseware.

Hydrology and Hydraulics

The Hydrology and Hydraulics course provides lecture notes, presentations and assignments structured under 6 topics: hydrology data, engineering hydrology, free surface hydronamics, hydraulic laboratory, introduction to GIS and introduction to remote sensing.

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Urban Drainage and Sewerage

The general objective of the Urban Drainage and Sewerage course is to provide an understanding of the basic principles and knowledge for the planning, design and construction of urban drainage and sewerage systems. The course is structured under 7 topics: introduction to urban drainage and types of sewerage systems, urban hydrology and hydraulics, dry and wet weather flow characterization, data collection and processing, design and modelling of urban drainage systems, advanced topics in urban drainage, case studies.

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Ecological Sanitation

Ecological or sustainable sanitation focuses on sanitation beyond providing people with a toilet. It wants to protect and promote human health by providing a clean environment and breaking the cycle of disease. More than that, it aims to be economically viable and socially acceptable; to be technically and institutionally appropriate; and to protect the environment and natural resources.

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Computational Hydraulics

The Computational Hydraulics course provides lecture notes, presentations and assignments related to the modelling of aquatic. The focus is on problems related to shallow water hydrodynamics and water quality, surges and groundwater. The course focuses in the development and analysis of numerical algorithms for fluid flow problems and the implementation of the computational methods on a PC.

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