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Raquel dos Santos holds two bachelor degrees, one in Technology of Basic Sanitation (1995-UNICAMP/Brazil) and another in Technology of Civil Construction (1999-UNESP/Brazil). In addition, she holds two Masters degrees: in Public Health (2006-FMSC/Brazil) and in Environmental Sciences (2008-IHE Delft Institute for Water Education/The Netherlands).

She is carrying out her PhD research "Pro-poor Water and Sanitation Services in Urban Areas: a multi-level analysis of Sao Paulo city, Brazil" as a part time PhD researcher affiliated to the Governance and Inclusive Development Group at the AISSR-UvA, in partnership with IHE Delft, where she currently works as a Researcher/Lecturer in Water Management in the Department of Integrated Water Systems & Governance.

Raquel dos Santos research interests link to Institutional Dimensions of Water Systems, with primary scientific focus on Performance/Benchmarking of Water and Sanitation Services Pro-poor & of River Basin Organizations and, secondary scientific focus on (Pro-poor) Urban & Multi-level Governance Dimensions.

Her activities at IHE Delft are divided in four parts:

Education (e.g. teaching/mentoring MSc students from the Water Management MSc Programme and teaching/coordinating several online courses: WELP, IRBM, PPP and PMDC);

Capacity building projects (e.g. NICHE/MOZ/149-Mozambique 2012-2016 "Set-up of the FIPAG Academy for Professional Development in Water and Sanitation" with partners from The Netherlands, Mozambique, South Africa, Brazil & Uganda);

Research projects (e.g.  PROBE I and II 2009-2015 "Benchmarking Pro-poor Water Services Provision" with partners from the Netherlands, Brazil, India, Iran, Ghana, Uganda and Zambia);

Educational quality control - Education Bureau (e.g. curricula development & training of MSc Students and IHE Lecturers in the use of Moodle eCampus Virtual Learning Environment).

Before joining IHE Delft, she worked for about twelve years in the Environmental Health Department of the Sao Paulo State Health Secretariat (Brazil). First, she had a technical role in the Basic Sanitation Group coordinating part of the Water Quality for Human Consumption Surveillance Program and acting as a deputy director. After that, she attained a management position as a director of the Environmental Health Technical Group, working on environmental health projects and acting as the deputy director of the Environmental Department.


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Nashipili N.J., dos Santos R., Noor Z.Y., Schwartz K., Douven W., Jaspers F., 2008. The Performance of River Basin Organizations – A Comparative Study of River Basin Organizations in Namibia, Indonesia and Brazil. Geophysical Research Abstracts, Vol. 10, EGU2008-A-07574 (in English).


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