Remote Sensing for Agricultural Water Management

This short course aims to provide the participants with the ability to use remote sensing techniques and satellite data to assess the agricultural land and water use. The course will cover topics on estimating evapotranspiration and crop yield from satellite data thereby analyse the irrigation performance at scheme level.

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For whom?

The course is designed for post graduate students and professionals active in the irrigation and agriculture sector. Further the course also fits for participants from government and academia who wants to apply remote sensing techniques into their related field of application.

Dates, Fee, ECTS

Start: 03 July 2023
End: 14 July 2023
ECTS credit points: 3
Deadline IHE application: 02 June 2023 - 23.59 (CET)
Course fee: € 3500

VAT is not included in the course fee

Course content

Monitoring and assessing land and water use in agriculture is key to understand the resource usage and plan interventions for ensuring sustainable use. Field based methods are challenging due to several factors such as cost, practicality in terms of coverage, maintenance for long term support etc, remote sensing offers a reliable alternative in monitoring the key variables continuously and at an unprecedented scale.

In this short course, application of remote sensing techniques to assess the performance of irrigation by estimating water use (Evapotranspiration) and land use (crop yield/biomass) are covered. The course is designed based on a case study where participants will learn from data acquisition to retrieving key information on land and water use through lectures and connected hands-on exercises.

Following topics will be covered:

  • Overview of remote sensing applications in agricultural water management
  • Surface Energy Balance Model to compute evapotranspiration using satellite data
  • Remote sensing based crop yield and Water productivity assessment
  • Remote Sensing for irrigation performance assessment

Formative assessments are designed through quizzes and reading/reflection exercise. Individual report on results, analysis and reflection has to be submitted as final summative assessment. Open source libraries and open access data will be used for the entire course.


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