Schalk Jan van Andel Dr.

Senior Lecturer in Hydroinformatics


Dr. Ir. Schalk Jan van Andel is Senior Lecturer in Hydroinformatics. He has a background in Hydrology, Computational Hydraulics and Water Management. He has been involved in national and international research projects, like the design of innovative flood reduction measures along the Dutch branches of the Rhine and the development of Earth System Models at the Potsdam-Institut fur Klimafolgenforschung (PIK). He specialised in the development and application of hydrologic and hydro-dynamic models.

At present he is involved in a number of research projects on operational water management and real-time flood forecasting and early warning. Case studies include Upper-Blue Nile and Awash rivers in Ethiopia, and Ganges river in Bangladesh. His Ph.D research project focused on the application of meteorological data and forecasts in operational water management.

His main research interests include Anticipatory Water Management and Flood Forecasting, Early Warning and Control. To contribute to these areas he focuses on coupling meteorological and hydrological data and models, developing hindcasting and probabilistic (ensemble based) verification and evaluation methods, decision support in real-time control with threshold based probabilistic decision rules, and optimisation of anticipatory water management strategies. Special attention is given to the applicability and adaptability of these methodologies in developing countries.



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