Schalk Jan van Andel

Associate Professor of Hydroinformatics


Dr. Schalk Jan van Andel is associate professor of Hydroinformatics. His main research interests include hydrological ensemble prediction, anticipatory water management, and flood forecasting, early warning and control. To contribute to these areas, he focuses on coupling meteorological and hydrological data and models, developing hindcast and probabilistic (ensemble based) verification and evaluation methods, decision support with risk based decision rules, and optimisation of anticipatory water management strategies. 

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Book chapters

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Special issue

Cloke H.L., Pappenberger F., van Andel S.J., Schaake J., Thielen J., Ramos M.H. (eds.) (2013): Hydrological Ensemble Prediction Systems (HEPS). Special Issue of Hydrological Processes, Volume 27, Issue 1, Pages i–ii, 1–163

International peer-reviewed papers

Bayissa, Y.A., Tadesse, T., Svoboda, M., Wardlow B.D., Poulsen C., Swigart, J., Van Andel, S.J. (2019): Developing a satellite-based combined drought indicator to monitor agricultural drought: a case study for Ethiopia. GIScience and Remote Sensing 56(5), pp. 718-748

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PhD thesis

Andel, S.J. van, 2009: Anticipatory Water Management: Using ensemble weather forecasts for critical events, 182 pp., CRC press/Balkema, Leiden, ISBN: 978-0-415-57380-1

Journal of the Dutch water sector

Lobbrecht A.H., Kolic S., ten Harkel M., van Andel S.J., 2012: Waterinformatie delen via open portals, H2O, H2O/13-2012, p.14-15,


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