Solomon Seyoum

Senior Lecturer in Water Accounting


Solomon Seyoum is a lecturer in Water accounting in Integrated Water Systems and Governance Department, IHE Delft. His main qualification is in hydrological and hydrodynamic modelling of water systems, application of remotely sensed products in water resources modelling and accounting and development and application of data driven and numerical simulation models for integrated water management. He has more than fifteen years of research and industrial experience. He has a combined educational background in hydroinformatics and water resources engineering. Solomon has been teaching urban hydrology and hydraulics for MSc student at IHE Delft and VUB and has lectured on subjects of urban drainage, flood modelling, GIS and supervised several MSc research theses at IHE. Solomon has been involved in projects and research assignments that focused on Water Accounting, flood modelling and flood risk management, assessment of climate change impacts on river basins and urban water systems, application of remote sensing and GIS technologies and modelling applications for integrated water resources management such as FAO’s Water Accounting project, Waternomics and SWITCH projects at IHE and FloodCitieSense and HiWET projects at Vrije Universtiet Brussel (VUB).

His main research interest includes integration of remotely sensed products and non-traditional data sources in hydrological modelling studies, urban water systems modelling and management, and Big data analysis for better water resources management. He has worked with a variety of specialized water system software packages and with several programming languages, including Python, MATLAB, C++, and Java Script.

Prior to joining IHE Delft Solomon worked for Vrije Universtiet Brussel as a senior researcher where he was involved in reserach projects and teaching activities. Solomon has also worked for government and consultancy firms in Ethiopia for which he was involved in the study, design, modelling and management of urban drainage, water supply, stormwater and wastewater systems.


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