Tailor-made Advice and Training

Training from world renowned experts to upgrade the knowledge and skills within your organization. When your organization requires tuition on specific topics or seeks to develop a common knowledge base to address future challenges.

Introduction to Tailor-made Advice and Training

IHE Delft provides Tailor-made training and advisory services according to your requirements.Tailor-made training caters directly to the needs of each client. This means that courses can be organized for groups of various sizes, from one or several organizations, sectors or regions. They can be designed to upgrade knowledge and skills, to introduce new technologies, or to strengthen sector performance, to name but a few options.

The training can vary in length and depth, ranging from a course lasting several days, to a tailored MSc programme in which regular components are mixed with case studies and modules requested by the client.

Tailor-made training can be delivered on-site, or based at IHE Delft in Delft, or a combination of the two.

A mixture of training instruments are used, including lectures, workshops, group work, presentations, role-plays, case studies and study tours to project sites throughout Europe or in the region where the training takes place.

Advice or training in:

  • Assessment of existing capacity and management tools with recommendations for enhancement.
  • Making regulations or setting up financial system.
  • Curriculum development and training of trainers.
  • A wide range of technical and scientific topics relevant to the water sector.
  • Strategic planning and advice on all aspects of water management and other water related issues.

For which organizations?

  • Academia / knowledge centres: Universities and research institutes active in water or related sectors.
  • Public sector: Ministries, municipalities, public water operators, river basin organizations and local/regional water authorities.
  • Private Sector: Water sector institutions and private water operators.
  • Non-profit organizations working in the field of water.

How to proceed

Contact us. We will discuss with you what type of training you require, how we could best deliver such training, an initial price estimate and how to proceed.

We prepare a draft programme with associated costs which we discuss with you. A suitable team of trainers (internal and/or external) is selected based on your needs, your organization and the type of training you require. One academic staff member is assigned to follow up on your requirements.

We finalize an offer and submit it to your organization; an offer letter will be sent with a description of the training and budget. We take care of all necessary follow up: travel, visas, accommodation and other practical arrangements.

Implementation of the Tailor-made advice or training.

More information

For more information about Tailor-made Advice and Training, please email to TMAT@un-ihe.org

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