Tineke Hooijmans

Associate Professor of Sanitary Engineering


Tineke Hooijmans is an Associate Professor of Sanitary Engineering in the Chair Group Sanitary Engineering of the Environmental Engineering and Water Technology Department. She has an MSc in Agricultural Sciences from Wageningen Agricultural University, and a PhD in Chemical Technology and Material Sciences from the Technical University Delft. Tineke's research interest is in the field of nutrient removal and modeling of wastewater treatment processes and systems. In the course of the years her research area has been expanded with sanitation solutions for the urban poor (emergency sanitation, faecal sludge treatment).

She has supervised many MSc and PhD fellows in the field of Environmental and Sanitary Engineering. Her h-index is 21 (Google Scholar), she has more than 60 publications in peer-reviewed journals. She is involved in teaching and curriculum development of the MSc Programme in Urban Water and Sanitation (UWS). She has the University Teaching Qualification (UTQ), a Dutch Certification for Lecturing in Universities. She is responsible for the overall execution of the UWS Programme as Coordinator. Furthermore she has worked in capacity building and research projects abroad, and has been project leader in several of them.

Main disciplines

Environmental process technology, nutrient removal, biological wastewater treatment, modeling of wastewater treatment systems and processes, technology selection, faecal sludge management, emergency sanitation.



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