Water and Health Track

Safe water and sanitation are the primary drivers of public and environmental health and are human rights. Improving service levels to provide safely managed drinking water and sanitation, such as regulated piped water and a complete sanitation service chain, can dramatically improve public wellbeing.


Water supply engineering; Water quality & treatment; Water transport and distribution; Desalination & water reuse; Sanitary engineering; Wastewater treatment; Recovery and reuse; Humanitarian WASH; Non-sewered sanitation; Faecal sludge management

What will I learn?

This track engages with the direct and indirect linkages between water and health. You will learn how wastewater, drinking water and sanitation relate to urbanization, climate change, human behaviour and aspirations. 

You will be introduced to the key management and governance dimensions, challenges and solutions. Depending on the profile you choose, you will learn to adequately evaluate, develop, design, and manage sanitation or drinking water provision, including treatment and re-use, transport and distribution, or learn more about the broader technological, socio-economic and public health issues, including management and governance.

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The statistics are grim, yet huge progress has been made in improving health through clean water and sanitation provision.
Tineke Hooijmans
Water and Health track lead

About the track

Track set-up

Helped by your coach, you choose from three disciplinary profiles, allowing you to focus on a specific aspect of the track or to mix and match (also across tracks), to give you a broader view of the topic. The profiles are: Engineering, Governance and Management and Sanitation.

The six track modules (2-7) are interspersed with so-called mixed weeks, in which one or two days are reserved for exams, half a day for portfolio development and coaching, while the remaining days are dedicated to skills training.

Module 2 Introduction to Water and Health

This introductory module explores the global view on water and health, SDGs, past and present approach and vision for the future. Information will be provided via keynote lectures and debates on water demand and supply, sanitation, governance, institutions, financing and circular economy, as necessary input for a case study showing the complexity and interrelations of the theme.

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Interdisciplinary project and MSc thesis

By the end of April, upon conclusion of the track modules, you will continue your studies with the interdisciplinary project and the MSc thesis research. Read more about this at the programme's main page.


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