Zina Al Saffar

Laboratory Technician


Zina Al Saffar was born in Baghdad, Iraq. She holds the position of Biotechnologist Lab Technician at IHE Delft Institute For water Education. Her job focuses on supporting and guiding students during their MSc or PhD study in the lab with biotechnology techniques (ex. PCR, FISH, Flow cytometry and ATP Lumina Assays).

Zina holds a BSc. degree (2016) in Medical Research and Biotechnology from Avans University of Applied Science in Breda the Netherlands and an MSc (2002) in Microbiology and Immunity from the College of Biological Science - Baghdad University in Iraq.

Zina joined IHE Delft in January 2018. Prior to joining the Institute, she has worked as an assistant lecturer for Baghdad University – Biotechnology Science (2003) and as Medical Research Analyst in the private sector (2006) in Iraq.    


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